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The spirit of the frog connects us to water, to flow, to cleansing and purifying of energies, thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve us. Kambo calls us to connect deeper to the spirit of the frog that supports us in bringing natural balance, simplicity and ease back to our life.

Kambo helps restore balance and removes blockages in our bodies and lives.  This Medicine embraces us and brings awareness for deep clearing on physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual and ancestral levels.

Kambo supports us in removing obstacles and long forgotten or suppressed emotions.  Kambo can bring these memories and emotions to the surface to be acknowledged, cleared and transformed. When we start removing the layers we can once again find our balance and be reminded of our true nature.

The more we clear, the more we reconnect with our true joy, happiness, ease and flow in life. Everything in our lives becomes brighter and more enjoyable.

There are many different paths to reconnect with our true nature - yoga, meditation, plant teacher medicines, spirit teachers and many more. Kambo is a swift, powerful and most accessible way to make this happen.

Kambo is very intelligent, knows where there is work to be done and on what levels. It has it’s own ways of breaking through blockages and dis-ease in the body, mind and spirit. It asks us to trust and surrender as it works in and through us. 
Each time is different and each time will bring new perspective, healing and insights.

Each persons experience is different. Some cry, purge, shake, sweat, find a place of stillness, smile, laugh or experience a beautiful blissful state - All are part of the Sacred and Magical Kambo  experiences that will shift something deep within your Spirit.

Frog teaches us to “jump” from one level to another. To helps us navigate from the material world to the spirit world. Frog can teach us new ways of being, of perceiving life and give us new tools to help navigate and follow our path. Frog helps us dispel negativity, cleanse, nurture and fill ourselves up. Frog supports us in following our intuition and truth. It calls us to search deep within our hearts, find new ways of being, discover our courage and to actualize our deepest dreams.

The Spirit Of Kambo 

Heart Of Kambo

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