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About Kambo Cleansing

Kambo is an Amazonian cleanse that has been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. Traditionally it has been used to heal the body from a vast range of illnesses, anything from malaria to snake bites, as well as cleansing one's energy to bring about fortune and synchronicity.

It uses a secretion with unique defensive properties from the Giant Monkey Tree Frog, which has no natural predators (due to this venomous secretion). By applying small burns to the first layer of skin and then applying Kambo dots (gateways), the medicine is able to enter the body through the lymphatic system, which is a secondary circulatory system that is key to purifying the body. Kambo causes the organs to release toxins while boosting the production of white blood cells. Kambo is a powerful vaccine that destroys pathogenic microorganisms.

Kambo brings the body back to its natural state of well-being and balance. It is incredible for gaining increased immunity, health, and good luck. It is effective in removing depression and lethargic heavy energy.

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About Kambo

Kambo reminds us of the thread that connects us with all of life. This Sacred and Powerful Medicine has it's own unique intelligence that supports us in removing blocks from our Truth and from our connection to Spirit. Kambo cleanses us of our distorted perceptions and blocks found in all layers of our existence. It  cleanses not only our bodies, but also our Spiritual, Mental, Emotional and Energetic layers.

About Rama

Rama went on a Soul Retrieval Journey into the deepest parts of herself.  Her Spirit was calling her home. It was time to step into the fire and burn off the layers that were not the Truth of who she is and what she knew she was here for.  

Intuitive Healer, Certified Life Coach for Heart Centered Living, Writer and Speaker.

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Medicinal properties of this secretion are its anti-inflammatory effects, its capacity to destroy microbes and viruses and heal infections. Due to the presence of these nine peptides, kambô is one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system.



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